ESADE Business School 2023 Update and Application Guide

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– ESADE Business School – 

 Through innovation and creativity, ESADE Business School provides a modern, innovative and inherently digitalized learning experience geared towards training leaders capable of adapting to new ways of thinking and working.

About ESADE Business School

ESADE Business School is a college and graduate school located in Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain.

ESADE, one of the world’s top business schools with 60,000 alumni around the world, has been recognized since 1958 for its academic excellence.

Its international outlook and its focus on the development of personal and professional competencies.

As a platform for business education, innovation, and dialogue, it permanently quests for new solutions in CSR, knowledge management and entrepreneurship.

ESADE Business School Programs

Below are the programs at ESADE Business School Programs

1. Bachelor of Business Administration

The ESADE Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) degree lays the foundation for your future career success.

When you graduate, you’ll have a solid general management education from one of the world’s leading business schools, plus extra capabilities, knowledge and experiences valued highly by employers.

An international mindset developed during a term spent abroad, real-world experience from a high-quality internship, specialist studies of functional areas within companies.

You will study Spanish, French or German and Business English honed on a multicultural campus.

Programme Detail 

Official degree: from Ramon Llull University

Double degrees: when you’ve finished your BBA you can specialize through one of ESADE’s Master’s in Management programmes and access double degree programmes.

Duration: 4 years

Number of credits: 240 ECTS

Intake: 225 bilingual sections  150 English sections

Location: ESADE Barcelona-Sant Cugat campus

Fees for the year 2022-2023: €16,600

Programme Requirements

Applications are accepted from October to June. You must begin the process during the last academic year of secondary education before university.

Candidates will take an English proficiency examination as part of ESADE’s admission test.

Additionally, candidates for the Bachelor in Business Administration (English section) will have to submit a certificate showing evidence of their proficiency in English

Level equivalent to Certificate in Advanced English. You need to submit one of the following certificates:

➛  TOEFL: 93-100 (ESADE’s code is 0507) (with a minimum score of 20 in each section)

➛  IELTS: 6.5-7.5 (with a minimum score of 6 in each section)

➛  Certificate in Advanced English: 183-193, C (with a minimum score of 175 in each section)

➛  PTE Academic: 64-72

➛  Waiver: Minimum of two years at an English speaking school.

2. Executive MBA

Programme description:

ESADE’s Executive MBA offers you a unique educational experience to help you achieve your professional goals.

The Executive MBA offers a learning model that guarantees a global vision of the company, enhances your ability to make decisions, and makes a major impact on the development of skills and personal growth.

The global perspective offered by the Executive MBA through its content and international stays enables you to develop your career by becoming a leader with a global vision

. The total tuition for the Executive MBA programme for the 2022-2023 academic year is €64,000.

Fees Worth

Academic Rights

➛ Educational material

➛ Lunches and breakfasts included in the programme schedule

➛ Accommodation (shared double room), food and programming

activities for the 4 Study Tours and ELP periods

➛ Registrations costs for electives abroad

September 2023 Edition

Barcelona Weekly

1st Payment Reservation Fee: 1 month after admission €9,000

2nd Payment: September 2019 €25,000

3rd Payment: March 2020 €15,000

4th Payment: September 2020 €15,000  

October 2023 Edition

Madrid-Barcelona Monthly

1st Payment Reservation Fee: 1 month after admission €9,000

2nd Payment: September 2022 €25,000

3rd Payment: April 2022 €15,000

4th Payment: October 2022 €15,000

February 2023 Edition

Madrid Weekly | Barcelona Biweekly

1st Payment Reservation Fee: 1 month after admission €9,000

2nd Payment: January 2022 €25,000

3rd Payment: September 2022 €15,000

4th Payment: February 2022 €15,000  

Admission Process

Admissions Application

The process begins once you have completed the online admissions form and have paid for the processing of your admission fee of €135 in full.

At this stage, you must include:

➛ Your CV

➛ One passport-sized photograph

Required Documentation

In addition to your online admission form, you should send the following documents

to your Admissions contact:

➛ Photocopy of your ID card and/or passport.

➛ Official university certificate (if the certificate is from outside of Spain, it should be authenticated

and translated into either Spanish or English)

➛ Reference letter from your company or ESADE executive/graduate.

Admissions Test and English Examination Score

As part of the admissions process, all applicants to the Executive MBA Programme are required to take the ESADE Admissions Test or submit scores from one of three standardized tests: EA Executive Assessment, GMAT, or GRE.

Participants must take an English test at ESADE, or be able to provide official certification taken a maximum of 2 years prior to applying for the EMBA programme. 

Certifications and minimum scores accepted:  TOEFL: 95 / TOEIC: 850 / IELTS: 6.5 / CAE: C.

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