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Quantum Business School  QBS was founded in 2006 as an arm of Quantum Projects Limited. Quantum Business School & Entrepreneurship Centre is a purely 100% privately owned Nigeria Business School.

About Quantum Business School

It was established to stimulate the development of SME’s in Nigeria. It is the first business school to commence entrepreneurial training and development in the Niger Delta Region of Nigeria.

Quantum Business School’s activities include creative services that help the entrepreneur give experience to his/her dream from idea generation to implementation.

The process focuses on research facilitation, business support, consultation and development of SMEs.

Quantum Business school provides a learning environment for the teaching, study, research, and development of entrepreneurship.

The University is aimed at Developing leaders with ethical values and strong moral standards for integrity and excellent performance in the marketplace.

Quantum Business school is affiliated with credible national and international Entrepreneurial Development bodies.

They are bodies such as the Regent university BDC USA, Quantum Projects Limited – BOI accredited BDSP, SMEDAN: Small and Medium Enterprise Development Agency of Nigeria.

Business Courses at the Quantum Business School

Quantum Business School offers courses designed with the assistance of Regent University Entrepreneurship Centre, with global standards, which also provides local and international mentorship for all graduates at the business school.

The training provides the participants with the opportunity to meet with business experts who advise, counsel and mentor them.

1. Basic Entrepreneur Program

Curious about entrepreneurship, but not sure where to start?  The Basic Entrepreneurship Program will provide you with the skills to explore an entrepreneurial path and practical tools for transforming ideas into real value-creating products or services.

Who should enrol?

➛ Fresh graduates who will like to start their own business

➛ Entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs.

Course Modules

➛ Personality and Entrepreneurship Assessment

➛ Introduction to Entrepreneurship

➛ Idea Generation

➛ Corporate and Legal Aspect

➛ Marketing

➛ Managing the Business

➛ Book Keeping and Finance.

Teaching Methods

The mix of practical and academic classes enables students to rapidly develop entrepreneurship skills; this course will be delivered through a combination of classes and facilitated group discussions.

As a vital part of the course, students will conduct on-site market research.

Program Requirements

No prior knowledge of entrepreneurship is needed.

Duration: 4 weeks

(Two weeks classroom training and Two weeks on-site practical work).

2. Entrepreneurs Development Program

This program provides a conducive environment for entrepreneurs to access relevant entrepreneurship skills, knowledge, values and attitudes they need to expand their business to a global standard. 

This program offers participants an internationally valid certification from Regent University BDC USA at the end of the program.

Who should enrol?

This program is designed for entrepreneurs who will like to expand their business to a global standard.

Course Modules

➛ Introduction to entrepreneurship

➛ Regulatory, Legal and Tax Issues

➛ Delivering excellent customer service

➛ R Issues

➛ Operations

➛ Business Ethics

➛ Leadership Issues

➛ Business etiquettes

➛ Sales and marketing

Duration: 8-10 weeks

(Three weeks classroom training, Two weeks online training, Two weeks on-site practical activities/project work, One-week Business Plan writing/presentation).

3. Social Sector Management

This program aim of this transformational program is to equip executive managers/top-level executives of NGOs and entrepreneurs in the social space with the required skills to operate more sustainably and create more value to society.

This program centres on resource management, development, and sustainability of Non-Profit Organizations in order to provide participants with the required skills needed to become effective and competent social sector experts.

Who should enrol?

➛ Top-level executives and managers of non-profit organizations

➛ Leaders of social enterprises that wish to be innovative

➛ Project leads and consultants in the social sector.

Teaching Methods

Delivered by a combination of classes, workshops and facilitated group discussions.

As a vital part of this program, you will also work in teams to integrate the tools and concepts learned to develop a comprehensive strategic plan for a social enterprise or non-profit business.

Program Requirements

➛ Background in social enterprise or non-profits.

➛ An innovative spirit.

Duration: 6 weeks

(Four weeks of classroom training and Two weeks on-site).

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