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– INCAE Business School – 

INCAE Business School is a world-class business school, founded in 1963 with the support of visionary leaders in American business, President John F. Kennedy and Harvard University. It is a place to meet and educate business leaders.

About INCAE Business School

Due, in large part, to the cultural diversity among students and faculty, students gain awareness of issues specific to emerging markets, especially in the LA region.

More than 13k graduates in 50 countries around the world have begun their careers as competent individuals with the international competitiveness received by our international faculty.

They have differentiated themselves by having strong skills to correctly analyse emerging markets.

Students are provided extensive training in real-life – case resolution and decision making through the Case Study Method, which encourages and promotes self-knowledge, allowing the participants to evaluate their own skills.

Through analysis and discussion of actual business situations from global, regional and local companies students strengthen their ability to sculpt and scrutinize an argument.

The spectrum of study cases ranges from entrepreneurship, NGOs, government, corporations, and regional family-business.

With constant practice defending their claims, INCAE graduates will master a fundamental skill: persuasive speaking.

Activities and Mission

INCAE Business School focuses on three key activities:

Master Programs in Business Administration in areas fundamental for the development of Latin America.

➛ Executive Education and In-Company Programs.

➛ Research projects on competitiveness and development of the region. INCAE has an applied approach that combines best practices and the global frontier of knowledge


To actively promote the comprehensive development of the countries served, educating leaders in key sectors by improving their practices, attitudes, and values:

➛ Through research, teaching and the dissemination of modern managerial concepts and techniques

➛ By strengthening analytical capabilities and comprehension of economic, social, and political phenomena

➛ By promoting dialogue, understanding and cooperation amongst individuals, sectors, and countries

Our Difference

We promote the development of the region through the formation of leaders, applied research and the promotion of intersectoral dialogue.

The sustainable development of Latin America requires responsible, innovative and updated leaders. For more than 50 years.

INCAE has inspired thousands of people, giving them the necessary tools to bring progress and prosperity to their countries.

As the best business school in Latin America, INCAE has promoted the progress of Latin American society through the training of regional leaders through its Master Programs and Executive Programs.

Accreditation and Associations

INCAE Business School is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges to award Master degrees.

Yale is not accredited by SACS Commission on Colleges and the accreditation of INCAE Business School does not extend to or include Yale or its students.

Further, although INCAE Business School agrees to accept certain course work from Yale to be applied toward an award from INCAE Business School.

Course work may not be accepted by other colleges or universities in transfer, even if it appears on a transcript from INCAE Business School.

The decision to accept course work in transfer from any institution is made by the institution considering the acceptance of credits or course work.

INCAE is affiliated with business school associations, such as AACSB International (Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business), NASPAA (National Association of Schools of Public Affairs and Administration).

There is also BALAS (The Business Association of Latin American Studies).

Additionally, it is a member of CLADEA the Latin American Business School Council.


INCAE has over 40 faculty members who teach in the MBA program and the executive education programs.

Ninety-two per cent of the faculty holds doctorate degrees. INCAE’s student-to-faculty ratio is six to one. 2017

INCAE requires its professors to have contact with the business sector to ensure that the material they present in the classroom is up to date and relevant.

This contact occurs through consulting work for firms. Professors are encouraged to conduct research and publish their findings in peer-reviewed journals.


➛ MBA Latin American Leadership

➛ MBA Global Perspective

➛ Dual Degrees

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➛ [email protected]

➛ [email protected]

➛ [email protected]

➛ Young Executives Management Program



INCAE ranks high among business schools in Latin America.

In the 2010 QS Global 200, Business Schools Report the school was placed fifth in South America.

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