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Is JAMB CAPS Compulsory For Admission in 2022/2023 [Answered]

Is JAMB CAPS Compulsory For Admission in 2022/2023 [Answered] ,Is JAMB CAPS Compulsory For Admission in 2022/2023 [Answered] ,Is JAMB CAPS Compulsory For Admission in 2022/2023 [Answered]

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Now, this question keeps popping up; is JAMB CAPS really compulsory for admission?

Have you found a good answer? I guess not.

In this post, I will explain what you really need to know about CAPS.

Since I get many questions via email, I have decided to answer this particular question today in this article.

It may not be some lengthy article like those you see on Wikipedia, but it is quite explanatory and easy to understand.

Is JAMB CAPS Compulsory for Admission in 2022/2023 ?

You want a direct answer, right?

It is compulsory for your admission into any educational institution [university, polytechnic, college of education] in Nigeria.

As far as the institution that offered or will offer you admission is in Nigeria, you need jamb caps to process your admission.

It is CAPS that will see to the admission and allow you to either accept or reject it on the portal [caps.jamb.gov.ng].

Is it JAMB or School That Gives Admission?

Now, let me ask you a very simple question.

Are you going to study your course at jamb office or at the school you picked in jamb?

Lol, it has a very simple answer.

It is the school that gives you admission and not jamb.

The only thing jamb has to do is to manage that admission with the help of CAPS [Central Admission Processing System].

It is your job to either accept or reject it after it has been processed by jamb.

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How Jamb Knows You Have Been Offered Admission

Here is it; your school takes the list of those that were given admission and then send that list to jamb for the processing.

This actually when the admission processing system begins to work on the admissions of those candidates given to them.

Each candidate’s admission is seen to which makes the procedure quite slow and even slower if your course has been changed.

I guess that explanation was clear enough. Share this post with other jamb candidates that you know.

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