JAMB 2024/2025 Novel: Recommended & compulsory Novel to Read for JAMB Use of English Test|literature in English

This page was created to track any changes the joint admission and Matriculation board jamb will make towards the Novel they used in  Jamb exams.

If you will recall jamb made use of in Dependence in the 2019 and critical questions where drawn from that book

A brief history of In Dependence

In Dependence” was written by Sarah Ladipo Manyika” the book was introduced in 2017 which replaced the last days at Forcados high school.

Question are expected to be drawn from the test book that is why you need to get it,read it and understand it before the exam date comes.

But from indication it seems jamb will make use of another novel titled swee Sixteen

We shall update you more on this novel soon

How much is it sold

The book was sold at N500.00 (five hundred naira) in 2019 and we are sure that the amount will be maintained throughout.

Will jamb make use of in Dependence in  jamb?

history has it that jamb always make use of a particular novel for a period of two years. So we are confident that the exam board will still make use of swee Sixteen in the  jamb exams.

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