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JAMB Regularization 2022/2023 Fee, Portal & Closing Date

JAMB Regularization 2022/2023 Fee, Portal & Closing Date ,JAMB Regularization 2022/2023 Fee, Portal & Closing Date ,JAMB Regularization 2022/2023 Fee, Portal & Closing Date

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Everything you need to know about jamb regularization 2022/2023

You have done jamb  exam and perhaps also done with your post utme or screening and you have been offered admission.

But there is a problem, your school did not notify jamb that they have given you admission.

That’s where jamb regularization comes up and is important.

You may be thinking, “what will actually happen if I don’t do this thing? “.

A very good question, yes, I mean it.

It will critically affect you in the future, you can’t apply for NYSC. And you do know that it is important in Nigeria, especially when it comes to getting a job.

  • JAMB Syllabus For All Subjects  [PDF]

This post is about the regularization for Jamb candidates. It contains the steps to do it and also the explanation of jamb  regularization.

What is JAMB Regularization 2022/2023?

It won’t be good if i show you the steps on how to do JAMB Regularization without first giving you the actual definition of the term.

JAMB Regularization is also known as Late Application for JAMB.

It means to formally and genuinely validate your means of admission with JAMB.

Do you understand the meaning now?, I just defined it above.

OK, let me break it down for you again so that you can understand what it means.!

If you gain admission into higher Institution in Nigeria, there are chances that the Institution admitted you without JAMB’s approval as required by the Constitution of Federal Republic of Nigeria.

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This could happen in two ways :

1. You were admitted without JAMB knowledge through part-time, Pre-Science, diploma, direct entry and other remedial means.

2. You wrote JAMB exam, and you were admission from your Institution, but your Institution failed to let JAMB know of your admission.

Whichever way it might be, you need to do the Regularization for your admission.

Now, you know & understand the meaning of UTME Regularization means

You should do the regularization as soon as you find out that you need it.

If you don’t do it, just as I have said before, NYSC will decline your application to go for service, and will not be good.

How to Do The regularization By Yourself

1. Login to jamb portal (www.jamb.org.ng) using your email address and jamb password.

2. If you have issues logging in, make sure you used the correct email address and password. If you have successfully logged in, move to the next step.

3. If you are using your phone, change to desktop mode on your browser.

4. Scroll down, you will see a kind of large button with ‘JAMB Regularization’ on it. Or you can click on the menu on your jamb dashboard and check for ‘jamb regularization’, click on it.

5. You will pay online and input your details when required.

6. An ‘Indemnity Form’ will be displayed for printing.

7. Print the ‘Indemnity form, fill and take it to your Institution for approval.

8. Your Institution will submit the form to JAMB office.

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9..When JAMB receive the approved form, they will upload it to your jamb profile. You will receive a notification via email when it is done.

10. JAMB will process your application. If they Approve it, your details will be changed as requested.


You can go to any computer cafe that has access to internet and also in possession of a printer.

Just tell them that you want to do regularization for your admission.

They will ask for your jamb details and also money. Give it to them and it will be done easily for you.

They will print out a form for you, fill out the form correctly and take it to the institution that gave you admission.

  • JAMB Registration Closing Date  [Deadline]

They will submit it to jamb.

That’s all you need to know about jamb regularization for your admission in 2021.

Am sure you understood the definition and procedures.

Have any questions? You can ask below.

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