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– Print JAMB 2024 Exam Slip –

Print JAMB 2024 Exam Slip Now! JAMB Portal for printing 2020 UTME candidates exam date has been enabled. Candidates are advice to follow the exact procedures given on this page as guideline. Read carefully.

The exam slip which reflects each candidate exam schedule which will be available for printing on JAMB portal (

JAMBITES are advised to print their slips before the commencement of JAMB Exam, in order to familiarize themselves with the examination schedules as no form of excuse for missing the examination will be entertained.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. When Is JAMB Reprinting Starting Date for 2023/22 Candidates?

The board has set the 14th of June, 2022 as the starting date of the printing. All candidates must begin their reprinting immediately before the time of the exam to get fully prepared.

2. How to Reprint JAMB Slip 2021/2022 without Email Address

The best advice I can give to you is to go to the JAMB CBT center where you registered.

Pay them and they will help you to do it.

But if you want to check it by yourself using your phone.

1. Go to the reprinting portal for jamb 2024.

2. Type in your jamb registration number.

3. Click on ‘print slip‘.

4. You can download it on your phone and check it anytime or even print it out.

3. How to Print JAMB Slip through Email Address

You can also get your own slip via email.

But not everyone gets this email from JAMB.

Follow the procedures below:

  1. Go to email account you used to register for JAMB 2024 [login if you have not done that].
  2. Find any message from JAMB. Search for it or check your spam folder. If you don’t see it, then print the slip without email address. If you do, move to the next step.
  3. If you see any email from JAMB, check it for any document attached and make sure it is your examination slips.
  4. Download the file [it is usually a PDF file].
  5. Go to any cyber café near you.
  6. Print the document sent to you from JAMB.

4. How Does JAMB Slip Look Like?

It is like a normal print out on an A4 paper.

This is how it is going to like when you print it out [Everything It Will Contain].

Check what you printed & make sure that the things listed below are on it.

Also make sure that you were not given the wrong UTME slip.

The JAMB 2024 Slip will contain:

1. Personal Details which includes:

➢ Your surname.

➢ First name.

➢ Other name.

➢ Date of Birth.

➢ Gender.

➢ Telephone number.

➢ Local Government.

➢ State of Origin.

➢ Email Address.

2. Examination Details which includes:

➢ Your JAMB registration number.

➢ Examination number.

➢ Seat number.

➢ Examination town.

➢ Center number.

➢ JAMB 2024 exam date.

➢ Examination center name.

3. Your JAMB subject combination [four (4) subjects including English Language].

4. Candidate QR Code.

5. The date you registered for JAMB.

6. The date that the exams slip was printed.

7. Candidate Serial number.

8. Reference number.

9. Serial number.

10. Your picture at the right hand side, located at the top.

5. Did JAMB Postpone Reprinting Date?

No, the date for the reprinting exercise was not postponed by the board [JAMB].

If the original date was shifted or changed officially, then we would let you know.

This is actually one of the benefits you enjoy when subscribe to this site’s mailing list [P.S: It is for free].

JAMB will only postpone the actual date only if there is an holiday or something wants to take place on the date proposed by the board [JAMB] before.

Keep checking this site. We will keep updating this article with any new or latest changes.

6. How Much Is For the Printing of JAMB Exam Slip

How much will you pay to do jamb reprint 2022 slip?

So, what is the total cost?

They will collect two hundred naira from you for the reprinting.

I will advise you to do five [5] photocopies of the original slip. Each photocopy will cost you ten naira or fifteen naira.

10 x 5 or 15 x 5 = ₦50 or ₦75.

You will need about three hundred naira for everything [including the printing and for photocopies].

Just take five hundred naira with you. Just in case they ask for more than that in the cyber café or CBT center.

7. Where to Reprint JAMB Slip for 2023

Can I reprint my JAMB exam slip in a cyber café?

Must it be the CBT center I registered or any JAMB CBT center?

Read on to see the answers to these questions.

You can do the reprinting of the UTME exam slip in any cyber café.

But take note that if you have any problems with it you will still need to go back t the CBT center where you registered.

So, my simple advice for you is that you should do it at the CBT center where you registered.

If you have already done this at a cyber café, then you don’t need to do it again.

8. Must JAMB Reprint 2021/2022 Slip Be Colored

I have seen different JAMB exam slips with different colors.

So, what does this mean?

It means that the color of your JAMB slip does not matter.

It may be green, red, blue, black, purple or any other color that you know of, it still does not matter.

So, what really matters?

Make sure that your JAMB slip contains or the necessary details it should.

Your passport [picture], JAMB profile code, JAMB registration number, name, JAMB exam date, center & must be on your slip.

Also make sure that printed slip is legible and can be easily seen, even by an old man. Exam invigilators will review your slip before allowing you to enter the exam hall.

st slips that I have seen so far are in black & white. Others were printed in green and were still accepted at the CBT center.

All that they need is the details on the slip that you printed and not the color.

9. How Many Times Can You Reprint JAMB 2024 Slip?

Can you print my UTME slip twice?

I lost my JAMB 2021/2022 slip, so what should I do?

You can print your JAMB 2024 exam slip as many times as you can, but note that you will pay for each copy you print out [I did not say or meant photocopies].

This is why you should make at least 2-3 photocopies of the original slip.

In case you did your own reprinting at a CBT center, you can do some photocopies in any cyber café near you. Photocopies are very cheap.

10. When Is the Reprinting For JAMB 2024 Closing Date [Deadline]?

This information has not been released yet.

If you have any questions or feedback, feel free to leave a comment below. You will get a reply as soon as possible.

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CSN Team.

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