Solid Reasons Why You May Fail Jamb 2024 And What You Need To Do to avert this and pass excellently

The  jamb has gone with so many success and so many failures and regret of had I known. The 2024/2025 jamb exams is now around the corner truth be told with out planning very well, making adequate planning one could end in regret and sorrow.

This article was carefully put together to assist the 2024/2025 jamb candidates.

If you are looking forward to score high in jamb then you must consider this checklist we have listed here,go through them and work on your self.

Reasons You Will likely Fail Jamb 2024 And What You Should Do to pass excellently

You lack motivation to read your books :

Do you find it very easy to watch a whole seasonal movie from season 1 to 5 when you know you have an important exam ? On the other hand you find it very difficult to read pass one page of your book?

If you have lost interest in studying your books then you are planning to fail the 2024/2025 jamb exams.

To deal with this problem you have to identify the possible reason why you lost interest in studying your books and create a workable study routine for your self.

Memorizing and cramming /Failure to understand a given topic :

Most students would rather Memorizing a given topic rather than understanding the concepts or principles they’re being tested on in their own little way, forgetting that one of the keys to effective studying is to develop proper understanding of a given topic rather than just memorize.

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Never you memorize past questions, past answers to questions rather try to understand it perfectly and be able to answer any questions that comes out from it in your own word.

Inability to study for longer hour :

You need to develop the habit of reading and studying for longer hours, most especially when you are studying for the forthcoming 2024/2025 jamb exams.

If you fail to study for longer hour then covering the whole syllabus will become a serious problem to deal with.

Make sure you dedicate much of your time in studying your books, get rid of all distraction and unnecessary play,that will deprive you from your studies.

Inability to study at night :

As a student who want to smash jamb once and for all its expected of you to create a study hour at night as this will give you enough time to cover much topics, solve problems you come across while reading and finally revise your study.

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Not having the necessary text books

Without text books most especially those ones recommended by jamb how do you intend to pass jamb? If you check your jamb syllabus and brochures there is always a list of recommended text books jamb do give out. Failure to get this books means you are planning to fail jamb.

Inability to retain what you have read so far:

Are you suffering from partial memory lose or some kind of seizure? If yes then this will in no doubt have a dire consequence on you thereby impacting negatively on your overall performance.

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Having false hope on expo :

Having total confidence in expo or runs will surely disappoint you. Because jamb has successfully blocked all channels through which answers can leak out easily.

if you are having hope or you have paid some one for answers through sms, dear you are on a long thing. As far as jamb is concerned there is nothing like runs or expo or any you chose to call it.

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What’s your view about all we have written above?

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