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Tips To Look Out for Before Obtaining An Admission Form

Tips To Look Out for Before Obtaining An Admission Form

Gaining admission into higher institutions come with a lot of anxiety among applicants judging from the high competition for admission slots. It is a case where demand outweighs supply, that is, few schools have lesser capacity to accommodate the growing number of applying candidates every academic session.

To gain full time admission into any educational institution in Nigeria, a number of requirements must be met;

  • WAEC or NECO or any A ‘Level result or its equivalents.
  • Meeting the minimum required cut off mark for school
  • Original documents which includes: Birth certificate, Local government identification paper, copy of JAMB admission slip amongst others.

Let’s not be quick to forget that the above wouldn’t be possible without you obtaining the admission form of the institution of your choice.

Obtaining an admission forms is the most important step that must be take should a candidate be serious about gaining admission because it determines the selection and admission process to be used by the admitting University, Polytechnic or college of Education.

What To Look Out for Before Obtaining An Admission Form

  1. The Location of the School
  2. Quality of Service
  3. Courses Offered
  4. Population of the School
  5. Student to Teacher Relation
  6. Cost of Admission Form
  7. Tuition Fee
  8. Safety Measures

School’s Location

The Location of the School The location plays a major role for candidates seeking to obtain an admission form. Since the introduction of post UTME test/exam, students have to travel from the abode to their various test centers or better put, higher institutions.

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This adds to the cost of admission since it entails the process of gaining admission. Candidates that travel far often endanger their lives compared to candidates whose schools are close by.

Quality of Education

This can be quite ambiguous because candidates have little or no idea of the quality of graduates produced by the preferred institution. On the other hand, it is quite easy to spot. Firstly, you can know this by the popularity of the school, secondly, go online and find out the quality of lecturers.

You can get lecturers profiles from most university’s website. Another means is by asking alumni of the school. You must carry out proper research about the school before purchasing their online form.

Courses Offered

Visit the school’s website to check if your course is offered there or not. This is one mistake most candidates make. Most just apply based on hearsay rather than searching and getting valuable information.

Often times, getting valuable information online about a school could prove difficult, however some school blogs are known for giving accurate information for courses offered and available admission forms, they are alternatives to the institution’s website. It is advisable candidates confirm from these online platforms rather than words of mouth.

Population of the School 

It is normal for school with high population to lack in terms of quality. The cost of maintenance becomes high then quality is compromised hence low standard.

Academic quality determines the number of first class graduates. Often times schools with high population produce very few first class graduates than schools with lesser student population.

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Student to Teacher Relation

Students and teacher relation academically is much better with schools with lesser population. There is a closer interaction between students and lecturers because of the close affinity shared.

Lecturers are able to identify students personally hence helps solve students academic challenges. This cannot be said for schools with higher population. This is one factor that must be considered when searching for what school is best for you.

Cost of Admission Form

This shouldn’t pose much of a problem. The good news here is that the Joint admission and matriculation board (JAMB) is the regulatory body in charge of placing a ceiling for cost of admission forms for UTME candidates.

JAMB has directed that no school must go above 3,000 Naira as cost of post UTME admission forms. That (3,000) is a pocket friend;y price for both parents and guardians.

Tuition Fee

This is the reason most newly admitted students defer their admission. When you fail to plan, you already plan to fail. Taking into cognizance the tuition fee of your preferred institution before obtaining their admission forms whether for full time or part time is very important.

This helps in avoiding challenges that shouldn’t be in the first place should the candidate had carried out due diligence on the school’s tuition fee before purchasing the form.

Safety Measures

How safe is the school? What are the safety measures employed by the institution? These are very important questions you need to find answers to before getting the school’s admission form.

There is a popular saying “SAFETY FIRST” this slogan is as old as man. Safety in most schools have been reduced to nothing. Rival cult killings and various nefarious activities are call for concern and must be put in mind before selecting and registering a university, polytechnic or college of education in your UTME registration form.

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The above are major points candidates seeking admission into higher institution must take note of. It does not guarantee admission but it gives a much higher chance that when you gain admission, you will come out a finely baked graduate

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