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When is 2023/2024 WAEC registration starting? Has waec started selling the 2021/2022 registration form? When is waec closing date? This and more are the questions most waec candidates have been asking.

The Have it in mind that the 2021/2022 WAEC registration will soon commence and the closing date is announced soon.

The  exam also comes up soon  . click here for all updated WAEC syllabus and here on how to start reading for WAEC and if you want to download the 2021/2022 WAEC Timetable click here

In my last last article i shared an important information on when NECO registration and exam for 2023 is going to commence

This article was created to guide all waec candidates and it is designed to be an ultimate guide for anyone who want to sit for the 2021/2022 WAEC exams.

WAEC E-registration 2021/2022

WAEC remains the only exam board that conduct exams in almost all West African state.

Each year millions of candidates pour out to register for the exams.

All registration are to be done online as WAEC has stopped manual registration as this usually slow things down and is full if errors.

Waec 2021/2022 Requirements for registration

All candidates will be made to pay a non refund base fee which is just 12,000.

  1. Candidates are to provide passport photographs which should be in black and white.
  2. Candidates might be subjected to biometric finger capturing
  3. Candidates are expected to provide their bio data such as their names, age, subjects which should be 9.
  4. Candidates should be at least 15 years of age and should have covered all waec syllabus

How to Register for the 2021/2022 WAEC exams

No knowledge is a waste, we understand that most candidates won’t do the registration themselves as the respective schools will do everything on their behalf.

But if you still care to know the steps involves then read on.

Note: waec syllabus and timetable are usually provided via the portal.

2021/2022 waec registration/when is WAEC 2021/2022 starting.

The 2021/2022 WAEC examination registration has commence but our team has told us that registration will end anytime around January ending .

All those who want to sit for the 2021/2022 waec exams should get prepared as the board already officially announce the sale of her forms.

waec registration 2021/2022 closing date

The 2021/2022 Waec registration might come to an end around January But no fixed date has been made known by the board.

We will inform you once the official date has been released and made known

how much is 2021/2022 waec online registration

The waec registration scratch cards is sold at just 12,000 naira only. This is the official price that is fixed by the exam board.

Although you might be charged almost triple, like I have seen some schools who charge nothing less than 30,000 naira,while some even charge higher.

Candidates who wish to register at private schools will be at the mercy of these schools proprietors.

Those who will be registering under a government school will pay lesser no doubt about that.

I have seen some government schools who charge just 13,000 naira while some charge 15,000.

Candidates in the Southwest, majority of them for sure enjoys free registration fees courtesy of the goodwill of their respective governors.

WAEC examination timetable 2021/2022

The waec timetable is a timeframe which contains how the exam will run. click here to download the  WAEC Timetable

WAEC exams board normally provide a link where candidates can easily access and download the timetable at WAEC portal.

The waec timetable allows candidates to easily plan ahead of time, not only that it helps you to know how the exams will run.

You might ask for the waec timetable is out although at the time of writing this article the 2019/2020 waec timetable is not yet out.

Waec syllabus for 2021/2022

The syllabus is another tools that you should not play with, waec syllabus gives you the area you need to concentrate all your reading efforts on.

We have compiled a list of waec timetable that are up to date here

All you need to do is just to get your relevant text books and start reading ahead of time

Tips on choosing a good waec center

  • I will advise all WAEC candidates to try as much as they can to know if your center is good.
  • you might ask how will i do that? Look for those who have taken WAEC on the school how their results are.
  • If they make good results then you are free.

Can I register for the 2021/2022 waec as an external candidate?

Yes most schools allow candidates from other schools to register in their schools why some will not allow.

It all depend on the school policy.

Like in my time i had to look for a good school because my school then don’t have a registered center.

Though my school then offer to push us to another center but i declined and looked for a school of my choice.

I walked up to the principal, explain myself to her and she placed me in their 2 months lecture in which i paid for.

I want someone to write my waec for me

Getting someone to write your waec exams comes with a lot of risk.

If caught your results might be withheld not only that you might be arrested and face a lengthy jail term.

Someone writing your waec exam for you is nothing but impersonation although it happens and waec board is aware of it and they are working 24/7 to block that.

Although there are instances where a candidate might fall ill or might even be admitted during the exam period.

If such a thing happens to you quickly meet the proprietor or authority of the school and let them know your fate.

Never do anything outside their knowledge as it could bring some problems you can’t even solve.

I want to write my waec exam in a special center

It’s well known fact that there are individuals who run miracle centers up till today.

Most engage in it as their source of livelihood, they organize candidates and take them to a remote school where they will perfect their act.

Writing your exams at miracle centers comes with a lot of cost. Because those who run those centers are only after your money.

They charge more than 3 times what schools do charge and other the day of the exams they might ask you to pay over 2,000 naira before you will be allowed to submit each paper.

I will advise you to look for schools around and do your registration as this reduce cost and unnecessary burden.

Can I write WAEC from ss1 or ss2?

WAEC has no rules preventing candidates who are in ss1 or ss2 from enrolling in the exams.

But it’s good for you to be well g
rounded and loaded before taking the exams.

Waec expect all candidates to cover all their syllabus.

So if you are in ss2 and you feel like giving it a shot then why waiting?

I will like to use online expo in 2021/2022 waec

If you search the web you will notice hundred of sites parading waec answers.

At times this thins don’t work and could make waec withheld once results.

Most of this answers are sent to thousands of candidates and when waec notice the trend they might act against it.

Finally not all answers shared online are correct 90% are fake.

Reasons why WAEC withheld results

  • Sir WAEC seized my result, sir WAEC withheld my results.
  • We have got several mail in the past where WAEC candidates complain on how WAEC seize their results.
  • On close observation we do observe that WAEC might have detected one irregularities in the center.

Reason why WAEC seize results are:

Exam malpractice : Candidates who engage in massive examination malpractice might get the self into trouble with WAEC.

Impersonation : getting someone to sit for you once detected might make the examiner to write a petition against you to the board the get hold of your results.

I want to upgrade my 2021/2022 waec result

Maybe one way or the other you discovered that you had low grades maybe some Ds, one might be tempted to seek for help.

I must be honest with you that there is nothing like upgrading of waec result, it’s a wicked scam being carried out by scammers to milk you dry and the end leave you to lick your wounds.

How waec makes their results 2021/2022

Waec engage the services of well qualified personnel to mark all results.

Most times exam sheet from West might be taken to East why those of East might be taken to North.

This arrangement makes everything fair.

When will 2021/2022 waec result be out?

WAEC has made it possible and has given matching orders to all personal involve in marking their results to conclude everything in less than 45 days.

This means that WAEC result should be ready at least in less than 2 months in which the Last exam ended.

So don’t put your self in panic yet before your school start doing their screening WAEC must have released all results.

Hope this article is helpful to you?

Please note that this article is subjected to weakly update and from time to time we will update it and add more information.

You are advised to bookmark this page for future reference ok.

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