Washu Acceptance Rate for Undergraduate Admission

Have you considered applying to Washington University in St. Louis and wondering about WashU acceptance rate and admission procedure?

Washu Acceptance Rate

This private research institution was founded in 1853 and has been one of the preferred choices of top students.

Interestingly, in the 70s, the university changed its name to “St. Louis” to avoid people confusing it with places like Seattle or the nation’s capital.

First, let’s get into the details to comprehend the acceptance rate, then the admission requirements, and what makes this university prestigious.

WashU Acceptance Rate for Newly Admitted Students

Getting into Washington University in St. Louis is quite challenging, as the university has a very selective admission process with a low 13% rate of acceptance.

The majority of the students who are accepted have a strong academic background as they usually score between 1490 and 1570 on their SAT exams or between 33 and 35 on their ACT exams.

For those who want to apply, the deadline for regular admissions is January 3.

Besides, if you are sure that you want to apply for an early decision, the deadline is November 1.

At WashU, the admissions team considers GPA as one of the most important elements and the basis for the decision.

Additionally, if your high school provides class rank information, that’s also deemed very important.

To strengthen your application, letters of recommendation hold substantial weight in the eyes of WashU admissions officials.

To increase your chances of acceptance to Washington University in St. Louis, it’s important to showcase a strong academic history.

And also a high GPA, impressive standardized test scores, and meaningful letters of recommendation.

What are WashU Requirements for Admission?

Washu Acceptance Rate

These are Washington University in St. Louis’s admission requirements;

1. GPA requirements

2. Testing requirements, including SAT and ACT requirements

3. Application requirements

To make it into Washington University in St. Louis with a GPA of 4, you need to shine in your class.

Aim for almost all A’s, especially in challenging courses like AP or IB, to prove that college-level work is easy for you.

If you’re a junior or senior, improving your GPA before applying to college is tough.

If your GPA is around or below the school average of 4, you’ll have to aim for a higher SAT or ACT score.

This is crucial to stand out among applicants with higher GPAs. So, focus on taking those standardized tests to boost your chances of getting in.

Schools have varying requirements for standardized tests. While only a few insist on the SAT or ACT, many consider your scores if you decide to share them.

Washington University in St. Louis doesn’t explicitly state its policy on SAT/ACT requirements, but since they share average scores, it seems they are flexible.

Generally, schools with this stance say, “If your SAT or ACT score reflects your abilities, go ahead and submit them. If not, no pressure.”

Even with this flexibility, most students still take these tests, and many applying to Washington University in St. Louis choose to submit their scores.

If you skip submitting scores, you miss a chance to showcase another aspect of your academic prowess.

So, it’s advisable to consider taking the SAT or ACT and performing well to strengthen your application.

How Prestigious is WashU?

Washu Acceptance Rate

Washington University in St. Louis is quite prestigious, ranking in the top 1% of American universities and even breaking into the top 100 globally.

It’s often compared to the lower five Ivy League schools like Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Brown, and Dartmouth.

WashU is ranked 37th on the investment banking target school list, which categorizes it as a lower semi-target school.

It is usually referred to as a place where many students get jobs at the highest-level firms. Olin Business School at WashU offers undergraduate and graduate business programs.

The university offers the student a wide selection of courses that are both challenging and within the student’s ability. In addition, students do in between 12 to 19 credits.

As WashU had a 13% acceptance rate last year, it is hard to be accepted to it.

They are the ones who identify the best students from high schools, meaning those who have been on top of their class with SAT/ACT scores of at least 95th percentile.

The pressure is high, so it is recommended that they work with counselors and come up with a college list that includes not only “target” schools but also “safety” schools.

It is no doubt that choosing WashU is an excellent option, but having other schools with similar features and opportunities as a backup plan is also something to be considered.

Given the competition, students should work with counselors who will help them decide on a balanced college list with both “target” and “safety” schools.

Having a backup plan with similar features and options is highly advisable when you are aiming for WashU.