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Today, you and I will quickly talk about the topic “What Is JAMB Point System 2023/2024? | JAMB Point System Calculator“.

This has become very important as several students who took the just concluded JAMB in the academic session have been searching online on how to get the original and complete JAMB Point grading system.

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Nonetheless, you shall get all the information you have been searching for right here on this blog.

What Is JAMB Point System ? | JAMB Point System Calculator

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There’s probably no student who wouldn’t have heard about JAMB point system introduced this year.

It may seem confusing for many because it’s quite different from what people have got used to in previous years.

It’s necessary to take a look at this system and find out how it works.

The essence of JAMB grading system

The new system will allow the calculation of admission screening results in a particular way that has not been used before

There’s an official list of JAMB grade points accepted for the  season.

180 to 185 points in JAMB/UTME is 20 marks

186 to 190 points in JAMB/UTME is 21 marks

191 to 195 points in JAMB/UTME is 22 marks

196 to 200 points JAMB/UTME is 23 marks

201 to 205 points in JAMB/UTME is 24 marks

206 to 210 points in JAMB/UTME is 25 marks

211 to 215 points in JAMB/UTME is 26 marks

216 to 220 points in JAMB/UTME is considered 27 marks

221 to 225 points in JAMB/UTME is 28 marks

226 to 230 points in JAMB/UTME is 29 marks

231 to 235 points in JAMB/UTME is 30 marks

236 to 240 points in JAMB/UTME is 31 marks

241 to 245 points in JAMB/UTME is 32 marks

246 to 250 points in JAMB/UTME is 33 marks

251 to 300 points in JAMB/UTME is 34 to 43 marks

300 to 400 points in JAMB/UTME is 44 to 60 marks

Now, you need to know how to calculate JAMB points for O’Level sittings and subjects.

One O’Level sitting is 10 marks, while two sittings are calculated as only 3 marks.

The subject grading is calculated in the following way;

A (A1) – 6 marks

B (B2 and B3) – 4 marks

C (C4, C5, and C6) – 3 marks

The highest mark here is 30 marks (no more than 6 marks from each of the 5 subjects).

If you scored 300 points in UTME.

This is 34 marks according to the new system.

Then, let’s imagine that you wrote WAEC in one sitting.

This will bring you additional 10 marks, you now have 44 marks.

Now, you need to calculate all the marks you have received from each of the subjects during the WAEC examinations.

For example, you have three A’s.

It means that you will receive three multiplied with six marks, which is 18.

One B will bring you 4 marks, one last C will give you 3 marks.

Your final score is 25 marks.

That’s the much we can take on the topic “What Is JAMB Point System ? | JAMB Point System Calculator”.

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